Rakel Collection by adama


chile_mama (1).jpeg

She was an architect, and had a strong conception of space and environment, that the world merely begins to understand.

The concept of many of her works included hexagonal modules that were adjusted to the topography of a place.

The collection is inspired by the architectural plan of Casa Melipal - the house she designed and built for her family in Bariloche, Argentina in 1970.

The house is constructed with regulars and

semi-regulars hexagonal modules, adapted to the terrain, climate and the family necessities. The western side included a glass solarium that kept the living room warm during sunny days and sheltered the house from wind and snow storms. Each hexagonal module has its own roof.

RAKEL is a tribute collection, designed and created in the memory of our beloved mother and grandmother, Raquel Graciela Mochkofsky, marking 30 years since she passed away.